“We have tried our Mosquito Magician right away. We will use it twice a week (for permanent coverage). The liquid dried on our grass instead of being washed off. It has a spicy smell but contains safe organic ingredients… It seems to be working, and the deer, who frequently come to dine, also seem to be staying away at this time! So far seems to be a very good product. Also very reputable people running this company who even checked on how the product was working for us. Two thumbs up!”

“This eliminates bugs even after a couple of rains. I used it in my sprinkler system, a few minutes on each station then rinsed a for a few minutes to clean.”

– James M

“I have a lot of trees, bushes, and a garden in my backyard. I have to say that this product has worked better than any others that I have tried. It seemed to last for a while even with all the rain we have had. I haven’t had to reapply for a few weeks now. Will definitely purchase again.”

– Jason G

“THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! Very noticeable & huge reduction in mosquitos bothering us. We were able to enjoy our yard again! After a couple big rain storms, the mosquitos came back with big appetites. Once again, we had our yard retreated the little bloodsuckers were gone again.”

– Terry C.

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