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Sprinklers Plus Brings You Mosquito Magician

Mosquito Magician has developed a range of innovative natural mosquito control repellents that are laboratory proven to be extremely effective at killing and repelling mosquitoes and other targeted insects. They are natural and safe for you, your kids, your pets and the environment.

About This Natural Mosquito Repellent

100% SAFE

The best mosquito repellent available without harmful chemicals

Mosquito Magician is the best mosquito repellent on the market today with no pyrethrins (a chemical that is usually synthetically made that kills by interfering with the way the nerves and brain function) or nerve poisons of any kind. Instead, we use a very potent blend of six essential oils that have been used individually for thousands of years!

The difference today is that through laboratory testing, we were able to determine the exact proportions in which to combine these ingredients, and which ingredients work best.

This makes it a great choice for people, families, and pest control operators whose customers are looking for a nontoxic way to get rid of mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Not only is Mosquito Magician an effective and safe mosquito repellent, but it’s extremely long-lasting thanks to the concentrate’s inert ingredients, which allow the active ingredients to adhere to plants and continue to work for up to two weeks at a time.

Proven in laboratory testing to kill and repel mosquitoes
Mosquito Magician has many years of proven use and laboratory testing. We put a huge amount of research and development into creating a natural concentrate that would effectively kill and repel mosquitoes.

During our initial R&D phase, we tried every device that attracts mosquitoes before eventually deciding on a different approach. We hired organic chemists to create the ideal formula that would kill all mosquitoes that it comes into contact with.

With each breakthrough, we sent samples to independent labs to test on real mosquitoes and carefully recorded the kill and repellency rates. After 5 years of extensive testing, we found the most effective combination of essential oils and natural ingredients that will get rid of mosquitoes and other biting insects while being completely safe to use around pets and children.


A Natural Mosquito Repellent

At Mosquito Magician, we genuinely wanted to develop the most effective mosquito repellent—bar none. We also strongly felt that it had to be a natural product: We have kids and pets, and we care about our health and that of the environment, too.

We started by researching all of the natural mosquito repellents available on the market today.

Here’s what we found:

A lot of “snake oil” and wild claims that were, unsurprisingly, false.

So, we got to work and boiled it down to 6 essential oils.

The Essentials of a Mosquito Spray that Kills Mosquitoes
Using essential oils for mosquito repellent is not new. People have been using individual oils like garlic and citronella for thousands of years to naturally combat mosquitoes. What’s new is our unique blend of 6 separate essential oils that each have repellent properties and, together, create a potent recipe.

They are:

  • Cedar
  • Citronella
  • Lemongrass
  • Garlic
  • Geraniol
  • Rosemary

We then added propriety inert ingredients that enhance the properties of the oils and allow them to be applied in a very fine spray to greatly increase the efficacy.

The result?

A super effective, natural mosquito repellent that contains no DEET or other chemical pesticides.


Mosquito Magician concentrate is laboratory proven to repel mosquitoes for up to 2 weeks from just one treatment.

However, we all hate mosquitoes so for optimum results treating more often is usually best.

How often will depend on the number of mosquitoes in your area, as well as the amount of rainfall and other environmental factors.

For most areas treating once a week is a good rule of thumb!


Our commercial machines are being successfully utilized at Resorts, Hotels, Condominiums, Sports Complexes, and Equestrian Farms.  These machines were developed to be utilized on large properties and allow for a cost effective way to treat for mosquitoes, fire ants and several other biting insects.

Rest Assured, You or Your Company WILL be happy you chose our mosquito repellent service!

Kirstie Alley says:

“Hi! I’m Kirstie Alley and I live part of the time in Florida. The mosquitoes are terrible, and so I wanted a solution to get rid of these disgusting critters!

I came across Mosquito Magician and had them install a system in my house a few months ago. I researched them well because it’s super important to me and my family that we don’t use any products that contain dangerous chemicals or hurt the environment. Well, they came through my scrutiny and I am truly impressed with their genuine green approach. But what’s most important is that they GOT RID OF MY MOSQUITOES!

I have a lovely yard and now I can actually use it and not get chased indoors by nasty mosquitoes! I would strongly recommend Mosquito Magician for anyone who wants to have a mosquito free yard, and who cares about their health and the environment.”

-Kirstie Alley

Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Sprinkler Magician Work?

The patented Sprinkler Magician system automatically controls your sprinkler (also called irrigation) system, allowing it to distribute the natural Mosquito Magician pesticide concentrate to all lawns and gardens.

The system completely automatically cycles through each sprinkler zone, until all areas have been treated. A high pressure pump accurately injects the concentrate into the stream of water so that it spreads evenly on all plants and lawns.



What insects and pests does Mosquito Magician concentrate handle?

Mosquito Magician is laboratory tested to kill at least 98% of Mosquitoes and provide up to 2 weeks repellency.

However, we have years of anecdotal evidence from customers saying it also does a great job on Fleas, Ticks, Fire Ants, lawn grubs, no-see-ums, and many other nuisance insects.


Is Mosquito Magician 100% safe?

Yes, as long as it’s used as directed of course. Because we use natural ingredients, it’s safe for adults, children, pets, Koi fish and the environment including waterways.

All ingredients are classed as “Minimum Risk” and are EPA exempt due to this. The active ingredients in the Mosquito Magician concentrate are all oils from plants known as essential oils, and all are well known for their insects killing and repelling properties.

We use Cedar, Citronella, Lemon Grass, Garlic, Geraniol & Rosemary oils as we have found these are the best individually and together give best-in-class results as confirmed by our laboratory test results.


Can the Sprinkler Magician machine also fertilize my garden?

Yes, we have an upgraded model of the Sprinkler Magician machine that can also apply liquid fertilizer to gardens and lawns. This gives complete coverage using 100% natural fertilizer through your sprinkler system. It has 2 reservoirs, one for Mosquito Magician concentrate, and the other for our organic Ocean Solution fertilizer. Visit the Products Page to see the Automated Mosquito Killing and Fertilizing Machine.


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